Dessl Dosen-/Stopfenlift


Sterile loading of powder cans/pots and vial stoppers on filling systems.



The system enables sterilized powder cans and stoppers to be fed to the downstream fi lling system for vials in a controlled process at two separate stations.

This reduces the risk of contamination to a minimum.

The powder is filled from sterile cans via a special valve so that powder losses can be avoided.

A specially developed can trolley is available for transporting the sterilized cans from the autoclave to the filling system.

Stoppers for closing the vials are loaded via autoclaved packaging units in the form of plastic bags (TYVEK). The loading process is semi-automatic. The bags are opened and emptied without contact.

  • sterile handling for powder cans and vial stoppers
  • direct connection to the fi lling machine
  • avoidance of powder losses
  • semi-automatic powder feed
  • semi-automatic stopper feed

Can Trolley

  • Powder cans can be fed to the can Lift of the system using the device. After disinfection, the container can be loaded into the can Lift without contact.
  • It is equipped with RABS gloves for handling inside the trolley.
  • Thanks to the rollers, the cans can be easily transported over long distances and a special locking mechanism guarantees precise positioning on the can Lift.
  • sterile handling of powder cans, easy transport

Handling of Stopper Bags

The stopper bag (TYVEK) is clamped into a stainless steel frame and autoclaved with the frame.

The autoclaved stainless steel frame with the TYVEK pack is placed in the Lift system, moved to the loading position, automatically opened and emptied into the system.



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