Dessl Maschinenbau Palettieranlage für Joghurtbecher

Palletizer for yogurt cups

Fully automated robotic cell for palletizing yogurt pots in cardboard trays on Euro pallets

  • space-saving design with roller conveyor
  • safety-sealed area with pallet lock
  • magazine including pallet dispenser for Euro pallets
  • fully automatic insertion of separating cardboard boxes
  • high-performance and low-maintenance 6-axis articulated arm robot from "Stäubli" for maximum flexibility of the system
  • many different formats possible
  • tray lay-up patterns can of course be adapted to individual
  • individual customer requirements
  • output: up to 2500 trays per hour

*) lassen Sie sich diesbezüglich von einem Dessl-Mitarbeiter beraten


Video: Yogurt tray palletizing



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